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about us

Penny Library is a nonprofit organisation building and distributing a library specifically for people in poverty around the world.

As Penny Library grows into a large storehouse of information and spreads further through the developing world, we want people trapped in poverty to find in Penny Library a way to meet their basic human needs. We want Penny Library to provide:
* many practical how-to books
* many educational books, especially for people missing out on school
* many ways to grow food
* and many ways to make income

We want to see a better world, where a billion people can:
* drink clean water
* get enough to eat
* have access to education
* and make enough to survive - at the moment too many don't

Nick Thornton, Director

I'm a qualified engineer, and have long seen rubbish as a resource stream waiting to be put to good use. With a little research to provide the right knowledge, garbage can provide many of people's basic life needs.

I've spent too little time in the developing world, but the realities of life there are not something I'll ever forget.

I look forward to Penny Library steadily growing into a large storehouse of the kind of knowledge that changes people's lives, and building up distribution channels for that knowledge around the developing world. I firmly believe this is something that can change the face of the world.

Lizzi Palmer, Director

My first involvement with charity was at age 6, when I decided to post a jam sandwich to Africa. I have no idea what happened to it.

Since then, I have spent time in the developing world working closely with children and young families. Using my love of music, I have been "instrumental" in raising funds for communities in South America, most notably through the sale of 3 albums containing original songs.

Throughout my career, I have worked with both adults and children, and I am passionate about helping people struggling in poverty to survive.

you can help

We want to do something about that

A small school pack costs 40
A large school pack costs 100
Can you help?


Together we can

Penny Library is a non profit organisation producing a library specifically for people in poverty around the world.

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