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environmental information

The environment & poverty

Developing countries have a poor environmental record, and it's no coincidence. Poverty dictates that the cheapest methods be used regardless. Easing poverty by showing people ways to make income makes it affordable to choose goods manufacturing options that are not environmentally damaging. We assist people to make income and offer them clean methods of production as alternatives to current toxic and environmentally damaging practices.


There are numerous schools in the developing world that can not afford books or any teaching aids. Our school educational materials help relieve poverty by enabling more children to succeed in obtaining skills, qualifications and work.


Some of our research finds practical ways to turn discarded materials into useful goods. This enables people in poverty to help meet their basic needs, and reduces the need for new manufacture & international transport of goods.

Printed Books

We tightly control material use in our books to keep resource use to the minimum.

We provide educational materials electronically for those that can access them this way.

Conservation of Resources

Some of our books show people how they can use less natural resources while achieveing much the same result.

Some of our books teach ways to reduce use of natural resources. The reduction in resource use from these books far outweighs the resources used in the books themselves.

Recycling & Re-use

One way we fund our activities is through the collection, re-use and resale of goods, some of which would otherwise end up in landfill. This reduces the need for new manufacture & international transport of goods, and reduces landfill. And it partially funds the work we do that helps more people in poverty to survive.


Our limited range of printable tools replaces traditional tools while using a small fraction of the resource use. These are particularly useful for school education in the developing world and some small scale home manufacturing.

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Penny Library is a non profit organisation producing a library specifically for people in poverty around the world.

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