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welcome to penny library

Poverty is a one of the main problems in the world today.
We tackle poverty by providing people with the skills they need to make use of the resources around them. We provide books, booklets, posters and tools - a time proven formula for solving mass poverty.

books For adults & teens: a wide range of practical how-tos, survival skills, work skills and more

For children: school subject learning materials

For young children: early learning materials

For schools that lack the resources for books: School packs cover the range from learning the alphabet & times table to self employment work skills

1 billion people are trapped in poverty

25p a day buys you some corn - nothing else. If you find bread, you can pick off the mouldy bits. Remaining mould toxins won't do your health any favours but at least you get to survive today.
If you're lucky enough to find mouldy sausages, they can be peeled to get at the less rank meat inside.

Around 27% percent of all children in developing countries are estimated to be underweight or stunted.

This is the reality for millions of people everyday. And some people only dream of this opportunity. Millions starve every year.

A lot of people walk miles every day to fetch water. In many cases it is dirty and unsafe to drink but there really isn't anything better. It will probably kill you one day.

2 million people die every year from waterborne diseases.

Often you have to spend all day trying to get enough food, so you have no choice but to send your child out to get water. You pray they make it home.

For millions this is the daily reality.


In Peru you have a rusty metal shack on a steep mountainside. It's far too hot to stay in during the day, and at night, sometimes people die from the cold. The occasional landslides are terrifying.

In Africa many have a hut of sticks and mud. Sometimes the last people who lived here were killed by the landowner.

For millions, this is the reality.

You can never afford shoes. You search garbage heaps with broken glass, infected medical waste, faeces, used needles, rusty metal etc.
medical care Medical Care is completely unaffordable. The ambulance service is totally unaffordable. Even if you can get to a hospital, without money no-one will see you. When your child is sick you turn to prayer.

20% of children die before their fifth birthday. Diarrhoea & dysentery are major killers.
disease prevention Dogs drink from your water container, you can't afford one with a secure lid.

There are no toilets. In some places an open sewer runs past your door. Sometimes the only toilet is an open cesspit. In many  places, no such luck, there is no toilet and no disposal system.
education You want the best for your children - but just to eat they have to work full time. About 72 million children of primary school age in the developing world were not in school in 2005.

Without education what hope do they ever have of escaping this cycle of poverty?

We want to do something about that

A small school pack costs 40
A large school pack costs 100
Can you help us?


Together we can

Penny Library is a non profit organisation producing a library specifically for people in poverty around the world.

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