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We spend a maximum of 1% of income on researching ways to improve life for people in poverty and finding ways to help people climb out of poverty.

Our research spans a wide range and includes immediate life saving, how people can make products to bring in income, how to repair/renovate goods widely disposed of, how to make educational goods for less than a penny each & much more.

Some examples:
* Ultra low cost ways to make rulers, tape measures, precision gauges, levels, set squares etc people can make for education, work & sale
* We now include a range of ultra low cost tools for education & work in our packs
* How to make tools with no or minimal equipment: clamps, mallets, hammer stapler, metal bender etc
* How to make goods from a minimum of resources to sell: ceiling fans, guillotines, plastic moulding, wire goods
* Electronics product making & repair skills: solder without an iron, re-use of PCBs, ultra low cost battery holders, ultra low cost meters, make pcbs, pcb substitutes, micropower electronics, LED lighting
* Work skills: key recutting, roof repair, plastic moulding, tool manufacture
* How to repair/renovate to use & sell: pens, paintbrushes, energy efficient lightbulbs, towels, screwdrivers
* Preventing hypothermia using free materials

One of the research projects...

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A small school pack costs 40
A large school pack costs 100
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Penny Library is a non profit organisation producing a library specifically for people in poverty around the world.

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